Types Of E-learning


Due to rapid advancement technology and quick delivery platforms such as web 2.0, e-learning has gained immense fame in all aspects involving corporate learning, various e-learning solutions, and great quality course material to a geographic workforce

The use of advanced tools makes the development of e-learning very easy and convenient. In order to cater to the increased requirement for quality e-learning solutions, firms use various e-learning services from developers who have a knowledge of the learning industry and the awareness of their domain. Mobile learning is becoming very famous in the learning circles with the advent of the mobile technologies.

There are different kinds of e-learning solutions that can be utilized to train the learners. You can opt for the type that is suitable for the requirements of the learner. You need to be aware of the available technologies that can assist them to access the e-courses.

In pure e-learning, the learning material is accessible to the learners through the technology enabled platform such as a CD or a computer based training or CBT that can operate on a system. E-courses are accessible through web-based training that uses the web as the platform of learning delivery.

All the courses are self-paced and the learner has absolutely no interaction with the fellow learners. This kind of e-learning is known as asynchronous and every learner adheres his or her own path through the course. He takes ample time to learn some segments and going through others.

This works nicely for adult learners who are highly motivated to learn and imbibe new skills and update their resumes and get excellence professionally. The enhanced popularity of e-learning does not take away the advantages of classroom delivery. There are some training such as the soft skills training that contains a face to face component to be effective.

A mixed learning approach functions nicely where the classroom is used to do various exercises that cannot be done in e-learning delivery. Technology prone learning is used to prepare the learners prior to their coming to class in order to enhance their effect of learning.  This mixed approach exhibits classroom model of learning and also learning through e-learning.

The simple accessibility of the mobile gadgets has opened up the world of mobile learning. Learning is delivered on a mobile platform that may not be similar for delivery on the computer of the learner or laptop. All aspects of disk space, connectivity of the internet and size of the screen have to be considered.

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